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First I-temp 2TB MLC, 2.5” SSD in the Market

UDinfo Corp., focusing oninnovative, leading products on industrial storage, is pleased to announcethe first 2.5” SSD, 2TB MLC in the embedded market.

The demand of high capacity 2.5” SATA SSD is getting more for data storage and system applications in servers, video recording, military usage,… However, the existing 2.5” SSD can reach only 1TB or 2TB with TLC NAND.

This 2TB MLC solution can reach 550/530 MB/s for read/write, which reaches SATA bench width. The I-temp and C-temp solutions can fit variety of applications for industrial and embedded system demands.

Besides 2TB MLC 2.5” SSD is available, the high reliability solution (up to 10X of MLC to 30,000 P/E cycles) for Pseudo SLC (pSLC) at 1TB is also in MP.

Main Features -
1.Support SATA III
2.Capacity :MLC NAND up to 2TB for -40~85˚C and 0~70˚C
pSLC NAND up to 1TB for -40~85˚C and 0~70˚C
3.Performance : Read up to 550MB/s and Write 530MB/s

UDinfo offers complete series of SLC, MLC and pSLC product lines, includingPCMCIA, CF, IDE, SD, SATA, USB and PCIe solutions. As to the details, please visit our website at

Contact us at or responsible salesperson.

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