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UDINFO is a professional engineering team with innovative NAND knowledge to provide total storage solutions to industrial customers and solve challenges of NAND Flash products. UDINFO was founded in 2014; it acquired the company Afaya. The Afaya Corporation is the 1st CF/SM controller manufacturer in CompactFlash market. The other company, Phison Electronics Corporation, the NAND controller manufacturer, is the investor of UDINFO and the primary venture partner.


Phison is a well-known NAND OEM manufacturer that primarily designs and manufactures controllers for NAND flash memory chips. UDINFO is mainly using Phison’s controllers and specializing in NAND firmware modification for industrial PC and military rugged computing industry. In May 2022, UDINFO completed the stock exchange with module manufacturer Apacer Technology Inc. (Taipei Stock 8271-TW); Apacer afterwards becomes the alliance with UDINFO after this acquisition.


The UDINFO team inherited the 100% technology patents from Afaya and combined them with Phison Electronics. The whole group has the most outstanding R&D firmware engineering team to provide the latest technologies in NAND firmware customization, SSD system integration, and NAND Flash manufacturing. The company’s specific strengths are to support the innovative memory devices for data security, integrity, stability, and reliability; specifically, to serve the sectors in defense PC, HPC server, surveillance system, and navigation. Our special expertise also includes the OEM/ODM services for the defense PC industry. 


Today UDINFO is a total-memory-solution provider, specially focusing on high-performance computing and rugged PC applications, which would request high reliability and longevity in supply. UDINFO’s profession in rugged and enterprise-class storage products has won an excellent reputation in clasping the defense industry’s most demanding storage applications.

Customization, flexibility, and specialization are UDINFO’s strengths and frameworks. It is how UDINFO can meet the customers’ expectations and specific needs.



• 2014 – UDINFO was founded. The company merged with Afaya.

• 2016 – UDINFO R&D launched 1st m.2 2280 and mSATA with PLP Power Loss Protection Technology.

• 2017 – The company set up 1st overseas Sales Office in Tokyo, Japan.

• 2018 – The company set up 2nd overseas Sales Office in La Palma, USA.

• 2019 – UDINFO introduced 3D TLC BICS3 industrial NAND based products.

• 2020 – UDINFO officially launched FIPS 140-2 SSD Products in Defense PC Industry.

• 2021 – UDINFO introduced new technology Valued PLP Power Loss Protection.

• 2022 – UDINFO completed stock exchange to be alliance with Apacer Memory.

• 2023 – UDINFO launched 1st Enterprise 30TB U.3 SSD in HPC Server Industry.


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