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Data Erase is a feature that was initially designed for HDDs, or hard disk drives. It is the process of erasing all or part of a storage device so that the data it contained is difficult or impossible to recover. Once the data erase command is issued, the data inside the SSD will be completely erased.

Nowadays data security is a top priority for industrial customers. To wipe drives of data completely is essential, especially on devices that record the sensitive information, such as those used in defense applications. Data Erase is a feature that can be used with solid state drives, or SSDs, which are now more common. Secure Erase completely wipes clean all the data found on a drive and does not allow that data to be retrieved. It is a permanent solution that provides the maximum level of security for sensitive data that must be erased.


The UDinfo Data Erase Function can be engaged via Hardware Push Button (or pin header) or GPIO Control. When the function has been executed, erase all (including data, tables, and hidden area, including Firmware) or erase only data can be chosen.

While moving data to recycle bin or trash can, the data is not fully erased from the drive. Although the files may not be visible in the folders any more after this action, they are still recoverable on the device. Data Erase is different. It completely overwrites all the data on the storage drive, making the data impossible to recover. It works by writing a binary one or zero over each piece of data in the drive; the internal monitoring system will flag any missed write operations and ensure they are completed because it is programmed into the firmware. When the Erase process is triggered, the users can be confident that it has worked completely and that the files are thoroughly written over. It is impossible to recover any of the previous data using data recovery software.


Under the Data Erase command, the SSD will completely erase the data in all the storage units, including data and Block Management Table. This procedure restores the SSD to the default manufacturing setting without having to install additional software. In the case of a power outage, once the power is restored, the erase is automatically activated to execute so that data is completely and safely erased.

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