Securing the Skies : Enhancing Drone Operations with Encrypted MicroSD Cards

June 28, 2024

Securing the Skies : Enhancing Drone Operations with Encrypted MicroSD Cards



Introduction :

Drones, also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are being utilized more and more in the military and defense industries. One of our top American customers specializes in drones for the military and defense industries that are used for coastal patrol.

Drones collect and store vast amounts of sensitive data, including high-resolution images, videos, and telemetry information. This data can be invaluable for various applications but also poses significant security risks if compromised. Unauthorized access to drone data can lead to privacy breaches, intellectual property theft, and even threats to national security. Because these drones store every GPS location on a MicroSD card, the location information is extremely private. UD info encrypted MicroSD cards are installed in these drones to improve their security and functionality.


Challenges :

The primary challenge was to protect the highly confidential location data recorded by the drones. The customer required a MicroSD card with password protection and data encryption to ensure the security of the content. The security challenges include unauthorized access, data tampering, and data theft.

1.Unauthorized Access: Unencrypted data on microSD cards can be easily accessed if the drone or the storage card falls into the wrong hands.

2.Data Tampering: Without proper security measures, data can be tampered with, leading to misinformation and compromised operations.

3.Data Theft: Hackers can intercept unencrypted data during transmission or after retrieval, posing severe risks to both personal and organizational privacy.

Solutions :

UD info offers a MicroSD card with hardware password and data encryption. It uses a hashing method with a controller encrypted algorithm, making our MicroSD a self-encrypted device (SED). This solution not only met the customer’s specific requirements but also added an extra layer of security to the drones’ operations..


By integrating UD info’s encrypted MicroSD cards into their drones, the customer was able to secure the recorded location data effectively. The MicroSD card’s encryption features ensured that the data remained confidential, decreasing potential security concerns. Through our professional knowledge and technical expertise, UD info can provide a suitable solution that met the client’s needs, enhancing the performance and security of their coastal patrol drones.

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