Customized Firmware and Connector Pins for Stable Signal Transmission for Traffic Signal Control Systems

July 04, 2023

Industrial Grade Solutions for Intelligent Traffic Signal Control Systems

- Customized Firmware and Connector Pins for Stable Signal Transmission



A city consists of roads and streets where all types of vehicles: pedestrians, bicycles, cars and buses intersect. A Traffic Signal Control System is a network of electronically or mechanically controlled electronic traffic lights used to regulate the flow of vehicles and pedestrians at an intersection.

UDinfo works with system integrated solution manufacturer in China provide intelligent adjustable real-time traffic signal control system to several cities in China in order to offer a convenience and safety environment for people.



• Variable climate and temperature

• Keep providing stable signal Transmission



• Using industrial grade 112 layers 3DTLC Flash IC with pSLC mode to provide great endurance and reliability for system, and also overcome the possible impact of local temperature.

• Customized 30µ Golden fingers makes the signal transmission to be more reliable and can withstand the potential damages in industrial applications.




UDinfo’s DRAM module and SSD solutions operate on traffic signal control systems stably in several cities in China with high temperature and high humidity or low temperature. With latest Flash IC solutions and Customized 30µ Golden fingers, they help the traffic signal control system to reduce the chance of system crash or error.

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