Customized SD card with pSLC Technology for Gaming

July 04, 2023

Reliable and Durable storage solution in slot cabinet machine for US casino market

-Customized SD card with pSLC Technology



Gaming manufacturers would focus on producing gaming machines that are equipped with the most advanced, high-performance computing technology and built-in security. The data in the gaming machine must be stored and transferred at high speeds to satisfy gamblers and casinos.

One of the key concerns in the gaming industry is the security of data. Therefore, the security features are crucial when securing the data. In addition, high-performance solutions must be taken into consideration when designing the system to meet the strict gaming industry regulations placed on manufacturers.

 Our customer is a leading designer and manufacturer of slot machines and casino management systems for the global gaming market. UDinfo supported the engineering team to provide the customized SD card to deliver reliable and durable storage solution in slot cabinet machine for US casino market.


  • High endurance of SD Card
  • Specific sectors installed in the system are required
  • SD card with pSLC Technology
  • Customized CID & Sectors are fixed and ensured during production
The features of 3D TLC pSLC
  • pSLC is a perfect solution with cost efficiency and reliability for heavy writing application.
  • The capacity of 3D pSLC is ¼ of 3D TLC.
  • Reliability of 3D pSLC can reach above 30K P/E cycles.



By using customized CID & specific sectors, the slot machine can reach the requirement of the security. The high endurance of 3D pSLC SD can also provide great performance & utmost reliability to delight our gaming industry customers.

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