Customized SSD to deal with Heavy R/W Application for the Shipbuilding Industry

July 04, 2023

Solution to deal with Heavy R/W Application, Moisture Environment & Swaying

-Customized SSD for the Shipbuilding Industry



For shipbuilding industry, due to the long sailing period and the frequent swaying of the ship, it is necessary to have reliable and durable marine electronics on ships.

The data storage on ship needs to be able to handle unstop heavy data writing and reading, and sustain tough temperature variation in order to support the normal operation of the marine electronical devices.

Our customer is a leading designer and manufacturer in shipbuilding industry in Taiwan. UDinfo provides the industrial grade 2.5” SATA SSD with conformal coating & customized SSD carrier to deliver reliable and durable storage solution.



•Unstop heavy data writing and reading

•Tough temperature variation .

•Frequent swaying of the ship

•Moisture environment



• High endurance industrial grade NAND flash with pSLC Technology.

• Customized SSD Carrier to reduce possible failures by ship swaying .

• Apply conformal coating to protect against moisture and temperature extremes.



UDinfo customized SSD solutions have helped our customer to provide reliable and durable products. High endurance SSD with conformal coating has dealt with the common problems for the shipbuilding industry. The customized SSD carrier resolves the connector loosing failures between device and SSD during sailing.

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