Small-File Writing Performance on Energy Exploration Data Collection

July 04, 2023

Small-File Writing Performance on Energy Exploration Data Collection



Customized MicroSD Firmware for geophysical seismic data acquisition systems

The recent technological improvements have resulted in daily generation of massive datasets in energy exploration and production industries. It has been reported that managing these datasets is a major concern among energy exploration companies.

The customer is a leading provider of vibrational technology solution that delivers the situation awareness for energy exploration, security, and industrial IoT application. They provide robust, hardened geophysical seismic data acquisition systems that perform in the most austere environments. UDinfo cooperates with the engineering team to support MicroSD card solution to deliver cost-effective and reliable storage technology solutions in seismic device for energy exploration.



• Data transfer speed should not be below 300ms with sustainedly small-file writing (6K bytes)



• Customized Firmware to optimize the performance of small-file writing.



With the customized firmware, its stable performance helps customer to do better data collection and further data analysis  in order to minimize downtimes and refining equipment maintenance costs, boosting asset management.

Later, customer would like to have this customized Firmware to be updated into 1000s of MicroSD cards in field while these MicroSD cards are already installed in the system. UDinfo provided the Firmware tool and a customized card reader for the Firmware update. Thus, the customer can follow the instructions to accomplish Firmware update locally and efficiently.

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