High-performance Storage for Defense Rugged System

July 04, 2023

Ensuring Security and Reliability  on Defense System Storage

-High-performance Storage for Defense Rugged System



The defense rugged computer requires high-reliability and durability of data recording. The applications would also require high capacity and security of the data from the computer. Since the computer is to support defense management and military agency such as army and marine, the memory storage needs to obtain certification from the US government.

One famous military defense system manufacturer in US that is specializing in rugged PC cooperated with UDinfo

for superior performance storage that fulfill security and high-capacity requirements. Since the data of the national defense and government inside storage must be difficult to access, the special encryption technology and quick erase function are also required.



•Fulfill FW optimization reliable performance requirements for high capacity 2.5” SATA

•Security: Encryption helps prevent data breaches

•Data Erase function helps remove data in SSD permanently



• 15.36TB high capacity 3D TLC based 2.5” SATA SSD with optimized firmware providing superior performance.

• AES encryption is applied to protect the security of the data.

• Quick erase function designed for rugged PC computing application.



After the UDinfo technical team carefully evaluated the customer's requirements, UDinfo provides 15.36TB high capacity 2.5” SATA SSD in fulfil customer’s massive data storage demand. Wit optimized firmware, SSD provides great performance in operation. As well as AES encryption and quick erase function provides SSD data security solution for rugged computers. Our US partner and end-customer are both impressed with what UDinfo can deliver.

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