SSD solutions for Aerospace Cockpit System

July 04, 2023

Aerospace Cockpit System



An American avionics equipment manufacturer, known internationally for producing high-precision aircraft control systems, was searching for a long-term supplier partner who could assist in developing the highest level of SSD products.

The customer’s main concern was preserving top-notch durability even when employing 3D NAND flash memory technology in industrial-grade products. The nature of the defense aerospace environment meant that environmental hazards could be extremely high. Security and stable operation were also foremost in the customer’s mind.

No matter where a mission takes place, the complicated aerospace cockpit is likely to require intensive read-write behavior due to the complexity of modern defense technology. Irritants such as dust, smoke, debris and condensation are also likely to damage sensitive equipment unless countermeasures are taken. And extreme temperature changes due to unpredictable flight patterns and environments are unavoidable. To maintain impeccable data security, access to sensitive data and unauthorized data writing had to be completely impossible. On top of all these requirements, due to the extended nature of defense purchasing contracts, a stable supply of components must be available for at least five years



•Intensive data reading and writing behavior, which challenge the durability of SSD.

•Used in hazardous defense environment and needs to withstand external challenges such as violent shock, high and low temperature changes.

•Involves access to sensitive data, it is necessary to prevent unauthorized data from being written.



• High endurance mSATA with 3D pSLC Technology which guarantees up to 30,000 P/E cycles reliability and industrial grade NAND Flash.

• Apply conformal coating to protect against moisture and temperature extremes.

• Complying with the U.S. military regulations MIL-STD-810G standards.

• pSLC is an Ideal Alternative Solution provides Reliability & Cost Efficiency, is perfect for Heavy Write Application with Great Performance.

• Base on 3D TLC Flash to simulate SLC Performance.

•The capacity of 3D pSLC is ¼ of 3D TLC.

•Reliability of 3D pSLC reaches 30K & more P/E cycles.



After close development cooperation, the customer was impressed by UDinfo’s efficient and rapid assistance in the introduction of new products. UDinfo's SSD products successfully met or exceeded the strict defense verification requirements.

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