News Release - UDinfo Audiophile SSD: A Revolutionary Choice for Music Lovers

December 10, 2023

UDinfo is thrilled to introduce the world's first NVMe M2 2280 Audiophile SSD designed by and for music enthusiasts. This product uses pSLC mode 3D NAND Flash, paired with an ultra-precise external oscillator for audio, 8-layer military-grade PCB, 200% increased copper isolation area, 300% increased grounding area, 900% increased gold-plated connectors, external linear power input, and is equipped with a high-end audio-grade Audionote Kaisei capacitor for high-frequency noise filtering.

This product has undergone a year of design and modification, with each component undergoing repeated modifications and listening tests to minimize interference to the greatest extent possible. All results allow music playback from any storage device to achieve a three-dimensional sound as if on-site, characteristics like vinyl records, depth, dynamic impact, detail density, and separation that can almost be seen, revealing every bit of emotion in all music recordings.

In addition, this product also has the following features:

⭐ High and low-frequency noise filtering capacitors : Can filter out high and low-frequency noise, providing consumers with more original and flawless sound quality.

⭐Heat dissipation design : Since the Audiophile SSD operates at PCIE Gen 3x4 speed, a large amount of heat will be generated, which will affect the operation speed of the SSD. Therefore, a three-dimensional columnar heat dissipation device is designed, which can not only enhance its heat dissipation effect but also give consumers a more unique feeling in appearance.

⭐External power supply : Can use the computer's switching power supply or an external power supply with a smaller amplitude and better stability, to reduce the impact of power supply noise provided by the motherboard.

⭐Audio-grade ultra-precise external oscillator : To reduce the noise that may be caused by very small phase errors.

⭐PCB design : Strengthen the gold plating thickness, grounding area, conductivity coefficient, and hardness, which can make the signal more stable and clean.

⭐pSLC Mode : Using the controller's firmware, the stability of data storage increases at least tenfold.

We are honored to announce that the UDinfo Audiophile SSD has won the 2024 Taiwan Excellence Award. In addition, this product has also received a lot of praise on many online music forums around the world.

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We believe that the UDinfo Audiophile SSD will bring you an unprecedented music experience. Start your musical journey with UDinfo now! 🎵

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